Published 03/20/2012 by LostDreamer

I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose.
Fire away, fire away.


I am titanium.

Published 03/20/2012 by LostDreamer

He’s selfish.
He’s weird.
He’s all about himself.
He doesn’t take blame for his actions.
He thinks he does no wrong.
He used me.
He led me on.
He knew his feelings had changed & still slept with me.
He’s difficult.
He made no effort.
He was insecure & had issues. Now it seems to him the roles reversed.
He doesn’t accept the truth.
He made me cry.
He could never be straight or blunt.

He made me laugh.

He wanted to be nice even though things didn’t work out; so there was no atmosphere.

He now wants to drop it cause he thinks I’m rude for being honest? All I said was, if he was worried another wine night would occur he shouldn’t. He wanted to see someone else to go for it. That he should have told me if he wasn’t interested & I was still entitled to think of him as a jerk. That it had been intense since it had started but I didn’t regret it. That I’d dealt with his issues and knew I was shit on the wine night.

Wonder if he flipped cause I said he had issues.

Mandem needs to get a grip.


Published 03/20/2012 by LostDreamer

I’m rude? I don’t understand how I’m rude when I’m being honest?
I seriously know how to pick them. I deleted his number, he deleted his Facebook. Everything was ship shape. He comes out of the blue trying to be nice & we end up back at square one.

He’s the type of person who doesn’t accept fault or responsibility. He can’t see how he was a jerk (which is me being polite) and will happily allow people to get worked up over his words.

Why did this have to happen?


Published 03/15/2012 by LostDreamer

Well I finally found out where I stood; took a long time coming.
Everyone was completely right. I was being used.
Things had changed for him after the wine night but he still continued to sleep with me. Tell me he missed me. That he wanted to see me. Etc, etc.
I just wish I’d bothered to make the effort to find out earlier. It would have made it hurt less.
I’m so sick to my stomach that I actually liked a guy who could do that.
And when I asked him if he had the intentions to see me again; he said he didn’t know.
What kind of person does all that? He knew things had changed yet let me think they hadn’t. And he can’t understand how he’s been an absolute jerk?
He really is a clueless moron. And I’m just an idiot.
And I can’t make it stop hurting.


Published 03/13/2012 by LostDreamer

Last week he was telling me he would like to see me; this week I can barely get a conversation out of him.

I can’t be bothered with time wasters anymore.